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Family Support

Family Support

Being a parent is one of the most important jobs there is, it is also one of the hardest.  Little attention is paid to preparing people for this vital role, yet parents are the key to giving children a happy and stable childhood.  Strong relationships and positive families are central to maximising children’s life chances.

Our services combine practical, emotional and therapeutic elements and may be home based or centre based.  We believe that families have strengths, no matter what difficulties they face, and we empower them to build on those strengths to develop their resilience and achieve their potential.  Improving the quality of the relationship between parents/carers and children is integral to our work.

Counselling Solutions seeks to work in partnership with parents/carers at all times, recognising that they are the experts for their family and that they know what the important issues are in their home.  This expertise is invaluable to avoid projecting an idea of what a ꞌfamilyꞌ ought to be.  We believe that supporting parents who are struggling to build a positive bond with their child is more beneficial than telling them to do things that would make them feel uncomfortable.

We support individual families to build stronger relational bonds through play and creativity to prevent and address future problems.  Counselling Solutions has developed a programme to build attachments through play and creativity which helps support the parent/carer to build a stronger relational bond which encourages positive communications.

Each programme is tailored to meet the individual needs of the family and includes a home coaching service whereby our experienced professionals can help support parents/carers in their own homes.  We offer friendly, experienced professionals who are specialists in working with families.

In addition, skills learnt can be shared with other family members to help deal with the common frustrations of family life, which can positively impact on any underlying problems or causes of problems.

Counselling Solutions believes in empowering parents and families, to achieve positive outcomes for children and young people, by supporting the vital role of good enough parenting.

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