Trauma Therapy


People can be traumatized by any event that they perceive to be life threatening, which causes a loss of connection to self, others and the world around them.  In addition, people are often traumatized by seemingly ordinary events and experiences, yet dealing with the effects of the trauma can be overwhelming.

Unresolved trauma can be devastating and it can affect your outlook on life, impacting on family life and relationships.  In addition it can make you feel out of control, triggering real physical pain, symptoms and disease, with associated reactions in your body as-well as visual, sound or smell and/or images in your mind which can have a destabilizing impact on your daily life.  The symptoms of trauma can include hyper-arousal, dissociation and freezing and are due to a highly activated incomplete biological response to threat which has been frozen in time.

Nevertheless, when it comes to trauma, no two people are the same.  Furthermore, whilst all traumatic events are stressful, all stressful events are not traumatic.

However recovery does not need to be traumatic and although the traumatized nervous system can be slow to normalize, it can heal.

As with many other therapeutic interventions, there are different types of trauma therapy and it is important that you find the right method and model to suit you.  Counselling Solutions offers a somatic approach to trauma therapy which includes reducing symptoms and the recovery of self-regulation.  The aim to heal the body and mind, without re-traumatizing the individual client.

The length of the therapeutic contract depends on:

  • The nature of the trauma
  • The age of the client at the time of the trauma
  • If the trauma is isolated, intertwined with other trauma
  • The client’s resource and strengths

However, safe recovery and transformation for the client is possible through the emergence of untapped resources and the re-connection of self, to others and to the world.

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