School Based Services


Counselling Solutions works in partnership with Schools, Consortiums and Local Delivery Groups to provide specific services that meet the needs of the individual school and its community.  Services include play therapy, child and adolescent counselling, mentoring, training and clinical supervision.

Our trained therapists can provide individual and/or group therapeutic interventions.  We offer talking therapies and creative mediums, which may include sand trays, art materials and other creative media.  Our aims in providing school based play therapy and school based counselling are to:

  • Safeguard children and young people from harm and/or abuse
  • Enable children and young people to have a positive experience of accessing emotional support
  • Ensure that where a mental health issue is identified there is a clear pathway for them to access appropriate support

Play therapy and school counselling responds to “Every Child Matters” offering vital extra support as-well as addressing the principles of the National Curriculum inclusion statement:

  • Setting suitable learning challenges
  • Responding to the pupils’ diverse learning needs
  • Overcoming potential barriers to learning and assessment for the individuals and groups of pupils; Dfes Standards 2008

Our services also demonstrate your commitment to the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) objectives by addressing pupils’ social and emotional needs.

Our collaborative approach ensures that the counsellor or play therapist works closely with school staff to gain a fuller understanding of the specific needs of the individual child.

All school counsellors, play therapists and Associate Practitioners are qualified to a minimum of degree level and are recognised to provide professional therapeutic counselling (Essex County Council “Commissioning Counselling: Information for Schools” March 2011).

Furthermore, Counselling Solutions offers Massage in Schools Programme (MISP), an inclusive programme which encourages learning by developing social and emotional skills within a safe school environment.  It promotes safe, positive and appropriate touch, which helps to develop respect and empathy to enhance relationships.  It is a fun, whole school, preventative strategy for promoting respect and reducing bullying.

Counselling Solutions believes in equipping staff members with adequate knowledge and practical skills to help support children and young people.  We offer a range of training programmes to help maintain a secure base for the child/young person and to help stabilise them whilst other interventions are sought.  Therapeutic Conversations for Schools based Staff has been developed by Counselling Solutions and is a comprehensive six day training programme which enables staff members to provide effective and appropriate support for children/young people who are demonstrating emotional or behavioural difficulties and to identify the need for onward referral.

For more information about school based services, please e-mail with your details and requirements.