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Working through emotional distress is essential to our well-being but sometimes we cannot do this on our own or even with friends.

Counselling is based on a relationship of trust between client and therapist, and can help you make sense of what you are feeling and how you are reacting to things which invoke stress, depression, sadness or other strong emotions. Neuroscience has recently shown that emotional pain is sensed in the same region of the brain as physical pain and that when we are stressed, chemicals are released in the body that affect the way that we think, feel and behave.

Counselling Solutions offers both talking and creative therapies.  We provide an inclusive environment, with a lift being available to access the therapeutic space.

The service is confidential.


We can provide a range of cost effective interventions and bespoke trainings to Professionals, Organisations and Training Providers, which are based on the needs of their staff and the services that they offer.

We also work with parents who want to better understand how to connect with their children through play and creativity.

Managed Services

Counselling Solutions can provide a fully managed service which includes the initial assessment to ascertain the level of need, the planning and thereafter the implementation of the service required.  We accept referrals from Local Authorities, GP’s, adoption and fostering agencies as-well as from parents/carers.  We can also accept specialist referrals from Solicitors and/or Case Management Companies.

Our Organisation can provide therapeutic services to clients and families affected by brain injury, physical disability or learning disability.

The initial criterion for accepting a referral is that the child is in a safe environment.