Attachment Focused Therapy


Counselling Solutions offers Creative Attachment Therapy to families who are struggling to build a positive bond with their child.  It is an integrated therapeutic intervention which combines well researched methods of attachment theory, trauma recovery models, creative arts therapies and play therapy in order to encourage growth and change in the relationship between the parent and child.

The focus of the work is the relationship between the parent/carer and child.  The parent/carer become engaged in creative activities, which provoke emotional connections and it is through the development of trust in the primary attachment figure that attachment patterns can be altered and lives transformed.

Filial Play Therapy

Filial Play Therapy combines Play Therapy with Family Therapy, strengthening families and enhancing the parent-child relationship. It is an alternative method for treating emotionally troubled children in which the parent/carer acts as an agent for change in their child’s life.

Filial Therapists are qualified Play Therapists who have undergone further intensive training in this approach. They work in partnership with the parent/carer in a carefully supervised way, training them in the basic principles of non-directive play. The parent/carer will learn and practice new skills with the Filial Therapist and then use them in a special weekly play time with their child.

* Research endorses the efficacy of this approach and supports the involvement of parents/carers in their child’s therapy.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) is an integrative method of psychotherapy that was initially developed for the treatment of children and young people who experienced trauma and loss; including looked after children and adopted children.

DDP involves creating a safe environment in which the child/young person can begin to explore, resolve and integrate memories, emotions and current experiences that are frightening, shameful, avoided or denied. Both the therapist and parent/carer remain present for the child/young person to ensure that they are not alone whilst entering a painful experience.


The primary focus of Theraplay® is to create an active and empathetic connection between the child and parent/carer.  It is based on the natural patterns of healthy interactions and focuses on four essential qualities found in parent-child relationships: Structure, Nurture, Engagement and Challenge.  Parents/Cares are included in the process from the beginning and often join in the play sessions later.   Theraplay® sessions are active, intense, physical, nurturing and fun.

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* Bratton, S., Ray, D., Rhine, T., & Jones, L (2005). The efficacy of play therapy with children: A Meta-analytical review of the outcome research. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 36 (4), 376-390