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Psychotherapy and Counselling

Often considered as interchangeable therapies, psychotherapy and counselling can be both similar and different.  Counselling may be considered as short term therapy working on personal awareness and development. Psychotherapy is likely to be long term in-depth work exploring issues to develop insight into personal difficulties and then formulating alternative ways of managing life.

Furthermore, some counsellors/psychotherapists have had additional professional training and are able to offer creative therapies including art, sand, clay, movement, music and drama to give emotional expression through a creative process, leading to a greater self-awareness and understanding.

Counselling Solutions offers both talking therapies and creative therapies to provide opportunity for clients to explore a way of being that is more authentic by reconnecting to one’s own values and sense of worth.

Skype and telephone counselling is available on request.

Creative Therapies

Creative therapies are a form of expressive therapy that enable the client to express themselves in a client led way through different forms of communication including art, sand, clay, movement, music and drama in a client led way.

The use of creative media often brings emotional expression through a creative process which contributes to the healing process by facilitating the individual’s sense of clarity, leading to a greater self-awareness and understanding.

Couple Counselling

Couple counselling is for couples who are having difficulties in their relationship. Most relationships will get strained at some time and there are many possible reasons for this. The counsellor will listen to and respect those involved, in order to facilitate easier communication, to resolve conflicts and negotiate difficult decisions which are causing the patterns of behaviour and conflict.

Wherever appropriate creative arts techniques will be used.

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